What are ecoMLR's made from?

The mailer is made up of four layers of paper and a water-based cushioning material that protects and insulates products during shipping, assuring the customer’s order arrives undamaged.

The cushioning material is created with components commonly found in the glue used to make cardboard. The cushioning material was specifically designed to easily separate from the paper in the same way that print inks and other paper coatings are removed during the paper recycling process.

We recommend recycling the ecoMLR in any paper recycling program. Sorting equipment will recognise the product is paper and sort it into appropriate recycling bales for mixed paper or corrugated boxes in material recovery facilities.

Testing performed for repulpability of padded mailers showed a high rate of fibre recovery. The ecoMLR has been tested in a traditional corrugated recycling mill, with no adverse impact on mill operations or the final paper quality. We have also carried out other independent mill trials, confirming that the ecoMLR’s can be used as raw materials for the kraft paper making process; with no significant influence to paper quality, waste- water quality or machine runnability.

The ecoMLR has been certified as recyclable by Cyclos HTP, in the UK, Europe, Switzerland and Norway. 92% of the protective mailers can be reclaimed with up to 94% being recycled. They are classed as AA recyclable; highly recyclable.

Yes, we have an in-house design and technical team who would be more than happy to work with you to create a product to meet your operational requirements.

Padded Sustainable Recycled Packaging
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