An alternative to plastic bubble mailers for ecommerce delivery.

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Our client is an online retailer and eCommerce business based in the UK.

Previously, when they shipped their products to customers, they utilised plastic bubble mailers that were imported from Eastern Europe. Not only was this an expensive process, but it also didn’t deliver the experience our client’s customers wanted because the envelopes couldn’t be easily recycled. Consumers are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, and had fed back to our client that their business should be more environmentally friendly with their packaging.

They needed a solution.

We introduced them to ecoMLR – our tough, affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic packaging. It is recyclable at the kerbside and, with it being produced here in the UK, our client no longer had to ship in products from Eastern Europe. We then further developed their product by adding a second seal strip, allowing customers to make their returns using the same bag. This product has helped them to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Cartridge World Case Study
As part of a company-wide project to migrate to more environmentally friendly packaging, we engaged with ecoPAKS to replace our plastic-lined bubble envelopes. It’s kerbside recyclable, a factor that was quickly identified by our customer base: we’ve received a large number of positive comments with some customers advising this will be a factor in their future supplier selection going forwards. The quality and service we have received is first-rate and to know we are doing a tiny bit towards saving the planet is refreshing.
Cartridge People