ecoMLR Protecting your online shopping and environment with epix by henkel

Pritt & Loctite

ecoMLR bags are now protecting Pritt and Loctite products on their journey from online shopping to homes.

Working in conjunction with Henkel, we now ship multiple size bags to Henkel’s partner in Europe for the fulfilment and sending of multiple online SKUs. This packaging leverages the innovative EPIX technology from Henkel themselves to extend the functionality of paper by reducing the amount of plastic packaging.

Less Waste – Easy to recycle – Ease of opening – Tamper evident – Flexible – Impact resistant – Lightweight – Branded

“This innovative solution helps cut waste and boost recycling for our Loctite and Pritt e-commerce product packaging. By designing sustainable packaging that perfectly fits our e-commerce products, we’re offering consumers a more sustainable way to get their online purchases.”
Melis Topoyan, Global E-Commerce Portfolio and Innovation Manager Henkel Consumer Adhesives

To hear the full interview and to understand how ecoMLR helps Henkel achieve their sustainability goal watch the following you tube video

EPIX Padded Mailer – The People Behind the Brand and Packaging – YouTube

The mailers are impact resistant, flexible and easy to open, while also requiring less material because they are specially designed to fit products offered by both Pritt and Loctite for e-commerce. They also eliminate the need for secondary packaging for these products as they are safe to ship without an additional box. Fast fulfilment and opening for customers, plus personalised print complete with a QR code telling the customer how to recycle the bag after use.

To see the benefits of ecoMLR in real time with the Pritt and Loctite products watch the you tube video
EPIX Padded Mailers for Pritt and Loctite – YouTube

Stronger, more flexible and easier to recycle….these sustainable padded mailers are packed with advantages for our brands, our customers and our planet, We’re always looking for ways to cut the environmental footprint of our packaging and these innovative mailers enable an important step forwards.
Natalia Greiss, Packaging Manager, Henkel Adhesive Technologies Operations Europe